Indonesian and Bali Public Holidays for 2014





When a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, it is common practice for the Government to declare a bridge holiday (shared) by taking off the Monday or Friday.


Jan 01 New Year’s Day National


Jan 14 Birth of Prophet Muhammed National


Jan 30 Chinese New Year National


Mar 31 Nyepi National


April 01 Ngembak Geni Local


April 18 Good Friday National


May 01 Labour Day National


May 13 Waisak National


May 21 Galungan Local


May 27 Ascension Day Prophet Muhammed National


May 29 Ascension Day Jesus Christ National


May 31 Kuningan Local


July 28 Eid Al Fitr National


July 29 Eid Al Fitr National


July 30 Shared Shared


July 31 Shared Shared


Aug 01 Shared Shared


Aug 17 Independence Day National


Oct 05 Idul Adha National


Oct 25 Islamic New Year National


Dec 17 Galungan Local


Dec 25 Christmas Day National


Dec 26 Shared Shared



Dec 27 Kuningan Local

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